• Action Email

    NOTE: Use the following step-by-step guide with the screen capture at the bottom.

    1. Name the action.
    2. Add a description (optional).
    3. Put the action in category folder (optional).
    4. Connect to action groups (This is optional; you can do that from the actions list as well).
    5. Type the email address that you want the recipient to see as the sender’s address.
    6. Type the recipients’ email addresses (separate multiple addresses with a coma). Click on the envelope icon to choose recipients among your contacts.
    7. Click on “Use visitor email” to send an email to the visitor for whom the action is being executed. The visitor’s email address will be assigned dynamically by Personyze. HOW TO get the visitor’s email address
      NOTE: If you want emails to be sent to addresses other than your own address (as set in your Personyze account) you must configure your email account’s server settings (from which the emails will be sent), in the SMTP Server Settings.
    8. Type the subject of the email message.
    9. Use the editor to create and format the message content (you can also add images, links, etc).
    10. Click on the ‘Use parameters’ button to enable using variables and see the list.

    Action Email

    Assigning an appropriate response to each action’s performance.

    At the bottom of every Personalization Action there is an ‘Alert’ feature. The Alert can:

    1. Send an email alerting that an action is underperforming,
    2. Automatically deactivate that action or audience when the visitor matches some audience( custom conditions are met).
    3. Or influence 3rd party apps via Webhook actions based on campaign performance.