• Facebook Connect Action

    Encouraging your visitors to connect to facebook is a great way to acquire user data such as age, birthday, marital status, and other profile data readily available on the most popular social network.


    1. Follow Path: New Campaign > Add Actions > Integration with other systems > Ask to Facebook connect

    2. Insert the Application ID (API Key) from the Facebook developers page.

    3. Choose from two drop-down lists which details you would like to receive from the visitor (they will be asked permission specifically for giving these details) such as:

      facebook connect personalization

      …and more.

    4. Use the default facebook login button, or create your own with the HTML editor.

    5. Choose where to show it (popup, placeholder, etc.), and when to stop showing it (after seen or clicked X number of times).

    6. Click Next Step, and proceed to create a customized After Login message, to thank your visitors for logging in via facebook on your site, using the HTML editor.

    7. Name your action, set any alerts you may want, and then click save.

    As with all campaign actions, it’s a good idea to QA this before it goes live, using the Personyze Simulator.

    Assigning an appropriate response to each action’s performance.

    At the bottom of every Personalization Action there is an ‘Alert’ feature. The Alert can:

    1. Send an email alerting that an action is underperforming,
    2. Automatically deactivate that action or audience when the visitor matches some audience( custom conditions are met).
    3. Or influence 3rd party apps via Webhook actions based on campaign performance.