• Action WordPress Theme

    Action WordPress Theme

    NOTE: you must have WordPress integration configured before you can apply this action. HOW

    1. Name the action.
    2. Put the action in category folder (optional).
    3. Connect to action groups (optional).
    4. Choose a theme from the list. Personyze updates the list from your WordPress account.
    5. Choose a page group to limit the action only to pages that belong to the group.

    Assigning an appropriate response to each action’s performance.

    At the bottom of every Personalization Action there is an ‘Alert’ feature. The Alert can:

    1. Send an email alerting that an action is underperforming,
    2. Automatically deactivate that action or audience when the visitor matches some audience( custom conditions are met).
    3. Or influence 3rd party apps via Webhook actions based on campaign performance.