Geo-Targeting Personalization

How does Personyze Geo-Targeting Work?

Part of the targeting parameters which Personyze includes for every visitor is IP intelligence, which includes their physical location (determined by IP network registration). This IP-location data is accurate to the point of knowing the city that the visitor is in.

If you want more specific Geotargeting, you will have to ask the visitor for permission for your website to access their GPS, using the Get Location action. If they do so, Personyze can know their zip code.

This location-based targeting can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Giving visitors within a certain distance of your distribution center a coupon for free shipping
  • Redirecting visitors from certain countries to their correct version of your site
  • Sending re-targeting emails that are relevant for their specific city or region

How is Location Data Stored?

All the location data you collect will be stored in the visitor’s User Profile Data, under Current City (for GPS location) or Known IP Location. This means that if the user shares their GPS location one time, you will have it for future targeting.

Keep Location Updated

If you want to limit this functionality (in case you have reason to think they may move frequently) you can set up campaign logic which requires asking them for location again every X number of sessions.

Other Uses for Geo-Targeting

Basically, any Personyze action can be executed based on Geo-Targeting parameters. This includes:

  • Show a dynamic store locator that finds the branch nearest to their location
  • Showing location-specific promotions, popups, & banners
  • Auto-populating fields
  • Custom javascript
  • Site redirects
  • Inserting their specific city name on the text of the site
  • Applying filters to site search

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