• Personalization Actions

    Personalization Action Description
     WYSIWYGE WYSIWYG Editor  A point-click visual editor that allows you to adjust any aspect of a target page, without writing a single line of code.
    HTML and Banner Manager HTML and Banner Manager  Edit and Load HTML code, Banners, and Images into predefined Placeholder containers.
     Dynamic HTML Dinamic HTML  Load a part of another URL into a predefined container.
    Products/Content Recommendation

    Display recommendation for products based on visitor personal characteristics and current and past behavior and interests. For example most clickable/boughts products with his favorite color for his age range and similar to products viewed during current/past session . The recommendation require you to upload products catalog to personzye using file uploader or API
    Trigger a highly designed, personally relevant,andwell timed popups, with:

    1. Exit Intent Technology
    2. Custom Time Delay
    3. Animations
    4. Glass Panel
    5. Don’t Show me again.
    6. etc.
    Send Email Send Email  Send a personalized email to a specified adвress.

    Countdown timer

    Show Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds till some event.


    Create fully customized sliders with animaiton, pictures and text.
     Redirect to Another URL Redirect to URL  Performs a page redirection, by specifying the target URL, whenever a visitor reaches any of the pages specified in the action
     Load Image to Placeholder Load Image to Placeholder  Loads an image to a pre-defined placeholder container.
     Lead Management Form Lead Management Form Launch or popup customizable forms to generate new leads and utilize all extracted data for Audience Targeting and Personalization in real-time. Four Stop Process Wizard:

    1. Design your custom form( using HTML Editor or by pasting custom code).
    2. Design a “Thank You” message, to be presented after the visitor submitted the form.
    3. “Thank you” email to be automatically sent to the visitor.
    4. Design the lead email that will be sent to the admin.
    Font Properties Changes any font property within the text displayed.
     Replace text Replace Text Locate and replace a specific text phrase from multiple pages.
    Replace image Replace Image  Locate and replace a specific imate or background from multiple pages.
     Replace number Replace Numbers  Allows you to add, subtract, multiply, and divide all numbers in a page group( or area) by a specified number.
     Adjust CSS Style Adjust CSS  Style  Allows you to change the look and feel of the page, by changing it’s CSS Style.
     Run JavaScript Code Run Javascript Code Execute Custom JavaScript Code on the Page. Implementation ideas:

    • Google Retargeting
    • Tag Management.
    • Run JavaScript Games and Applications.
    • Insert Data into Input Boxes.
    • Click on Buttons.
    • Etc.
    Update a Newsletter List Update a Newsletter List  Add or remove the visitor from a pre-defined mailing list.
    Ask to Facebook Connect Ask to  Facebook  Connect Ask the user to connect/log-in with his Facebook account. Allows to utilize information from the users Facebook profile for Targeting and Personalization in real-time.
     Ask to Facebook Publish Ask to  Facebook  Publish Ask the visitor for permission to publish specific items on his Facebook Timeline. Open a URL in a New WindowOpens the specified URL in a new tab.Cookies and Local StorageCreate, customize, and assign value to cookies and/or local storage.
     Send Event to Google Analytics Send Event to  GoogleAnalytics  Notify Google Analytics that a visitor matched an audience, was presented with personalized content, or that a custom event took place.
    Google AdWords  Transmit complex goals that include advanced conditions, events and dynamic content to your Google AdWords account.
     Google Retargeting  Use Retargeting to show ads to your visitors after they leave your website
    Leaving WarningLeaving warning  Trigger a browser alert with a customizable message, when a visitor is attempting to leave the page.
    Dynamic parameters  Dynamically alter every message and aspect of the visitors experience, by utilizing and presenting that visitor with information collected in real-time