• Integration with Personyze

    There are many ways in which Personyze can be integrated to other SaaS solutions and even on premises systems such as a local DB, Application or Service. Such integration can be used to greatly extend Personyze segmentation and personalization capabilities with information collected and managed in other, 3rd party, systems. Such integration can also be used for advanced email marketing activities.
    Available integration methods:
    The actual activity of populating data into Personyze custom data attributes can be done by any one of the following ways:
    1. API call - using the appropriate Personyze API method
      Goal on Audience Statistics
    2. Sharing data locally - exposing data during the visitor’s session to be used by Personyze and stored locally in that user’s appropriate custom data attributes. For example, placing data within a hidden div that Personyze will monitor, placing data in cookies in an agreed format, etc.