• Site Header Notification

    Use Header Notification to deliver important messages to visitors :

    Have important thing to say to your visitors? Use “Header Notification”!

    Sometimes, when you have important things to say to your visitors and you want to get their FULL ATTENTION, you might want to display a message/promotion/call-to-action they can’t miss!

    Introducing Personyze Header Notification:

    Personyze Header Notification will allow you to display in the top header of your site a message of your choice! It is done by to “pushing” your site content down while displaying a new, message at the top of the page. This way you can make sure that your visitors will not miss out on this important update/promotion or call-to-action.

    Type of messages you can you place in the “Header Notification”:
      Updates – such as: we’ve moved to a new office; welcome to our new website; we are hiring!; latest press release, etc..   Call-to-Action/Promotions – such as: register to newsletter; 3 days remaining for the special promotion; pre-order an iPad at 10% discount; only today – free shipping on all purchases, etc..

      Lead generation form – include a personalized form in the Header Notification to increase leads flow and make your sales team busy!

    You can have more than one Header Notification at a time!

    Have more than one “generic” message to include in your Header Notification? No problem!

    With Personyze segmentation capabilities you can easily target the right update/message/call-to-action to the right visitor, at the right time! You can create different segments for different groups of visitors and target each one with its own message. You can even target more than one message per segment in order to test which message works best for that segment!

    Gain full control over your Header Notification:

    Personyze provides you with complete control to choose how to design and what to include in your Header Notification. You can place in it text, images, video clips and even a form! You have full control and the best part is that you don’t need to involve your IT! Everything is done by using Personyze and without any need for technical knowledge.