Providing your visitors with the option to publish to facebook can be a great way to crowdsource your marketing to your own customers. Here is the process for how to set it up:

  1. Follow Path: New Campaign > Add Actions > Integration with other systems > Ask to Facebook Publish

  2. Enter the Facebook Application ID, and what page you want to redirect users to when they’re finished sharing.

  3. Write a custom message to be included in the automated post, as well as what message you wish to use when prompting the user.

    sharing to facebook personalization

  4. Type the name of the link attachment.

  5. Type the caption for the link (appears beneath the link name)

  6. Type the message you want to post. This message can be edited by your visitor.

  7. Type a description for the link (appears beneath the link caption).

  8. Set up when to show the action, as well as when to stop showing it.

  9. Set up any alerts you may want to create.

  10. Choose a page group to limit the action only to pages that belong to the group.

  11. Name the action, and click done.


Assigning an appropriate response to each action’s performance.

At the bottom of every Personalization Action there is an ‘Alert’ feature. The Alert can:

  1. Send an email alerting that an action is underperforming,
  2. Automatically deactivate that action or audience when the visitor matches some audience( custom conditions are met).
  3. Or influence 3rd party apps via Webhook actions based on campaign performance.