Reading A/B Test Results

Optional A/B testing is built into every campaign in Personyze, but how do you review the performance of the various actions being tested on an audience? This wiki page will walk you through the ways to view A/B test results in Personyze. 

Comparing Test Groups

In the “Performance” section of any given campaign, where you view the campaign’s overall statistics, you have a tab at the top called “Compare Actions”. Click this tab to compare your A/B testing groups. 

A/B testing statistics

If A/B testing is turned on, then the action statistics will be automatically grouped into your testing groups, as well as a control group if you have it activated, and the site average for overall actions. You can also select or deselect the various groups by clicking them, to include or exclude them from the comparison.

Below, you can see more detailed statistics in a table format, to compare the performance of the testing groups.

a/b testing performance metrics

If you have specific goals tracking set up, then you can compare the testing groups’ performance on that specific goal, such as conversion rate.

a/b testing personalization metrics

Click here to learn how to set up custom goals tracking for your campaigns.