Albacross Integration for ABM Personalization

Albacross is a tool that provides data on your website visitors based on their IP addresses.  The data can be very useful to integrate with Personyze because it allows you to see which companies, industries, are visiting your website. Integrating Albacross into your Personyze account is very easy, and this wiki page will walk you through the process.

Integrating Albacross

The first step is to get your API key in your Albatross account.

Next, go to your dashboard, and follow the path:

Settings > Integrations

Albacross Personalization

From here, you’ll select the Albacross box, enter your Albacross account ID and API key, and save it. Then, once your account is connected, you can click to “Add new property,” and select the data field you want Personyze to know about each visitor.

Albacross ABM targeting

Once this is saved, any company data field you’ve added will be available for ABM targeting and personalization on your website, emails, and apps.