Buy Together Discount for eCommerce Recommendations

When using Personyze to present cross-selling bundles for your products, you can now use a new feature that allows you to add a discount if certain items are bought together, to encourage sales.

For example:

If your bundling algorithms combines:

  • iPhone $500
  • iPhone case $100
  • Combined discount: $550

Setting It Up

In order to import specific item discounts, you’ll need to include a column in your feed that includes the discounts for each paired product, in JSON format, called “Conditional Prices.”

For example:

{“internal_id_1”: 10, “internal_id_2”: “20%”}

This means that 10% is removed if the items come together with internal_id_1, and 20% with internal_id_2, etc. in the new conditional pricing.

  1. This must be valid parseable JSON, not javascript, so:{“11436”: 10} instead of {11436: 10}
  2. Please use a negative number if this is the number of money to subtract, like:{“11436”: -10}or use a positive number to specify the final price, like

    {“11436”: 19.90}

    or string with a percent sign to specify discount in percents, like

    {“11436”: “2%”}

Please note that if any of this is too technical for your team, you can always reach out to your Personyze Success Manager for assistance.