Managed Upselling and Cross-selling

Why use Managed Upselling and Cross-selling

You may want to set it as the main algorithm that powers the recommendations or the fall-back algorithm in case Personzye doesn’t have crowd-based cross-sell recommendations (an item that was just released, and there is no sale data yet)


Uploading cross-sell or upsell data

Upload a file with cross-sell or upsell data; you can also use a feed that syncs periodically or use API to push the data. You can have multiple connections. For instance, an iPhone 15 can have three items (A case, charger, and headset) recommended with him as across-sell items the same items id’s can also be connected to an iPhone 15 Pro.

Under settings>products catalog you will see these options


You will see a preview of the file data. The subject internal ID “the Iphone” is the main item, and the linked ID is the cross-sell item “the case or charger” 

Widget algorithm selection :

Once we upload the data, we can use it across different site widgets or email. Look for the “managed cross-sell or upsell” option.