Personyze client side cookies

Personyze stores visitor information in cookies and local storage in order to create targeted experiences on the web. Listed cookies and local storage entries are divided into logical groups.

Most cookies are used by the Personyze JavaScript sources, which are implemented on your site. These are stored on the customer’s second-level domain (SLD). Cookies representing personal identifiers are also stored on the domain

Note: In accordance with EU privacy guidelines, you can set to limit the storage time of all cookies to a maximum of 365 days.

stat_track_u_id = Personyze user id, this cookie does not expired unless you have set time limit for cookies

_stat_track_s_id = Personyze session id, the cookie expired when the visitor session ended

stat_track_actions= Contain actions data such don’t show again this content, etc. This cookie can last up to 1000
sessions (depends on the content setting)

stat_track_sessions =  store the start time for last N sessions