Personyze HTML Editor used in actions such as HTML and Pop-up , includes Dynamic parameters

1) Dynamic parameter: 
Personyze allows you to use dynamic parameters such as the visitor’s city, search keyword and more and add them to your personalized action. You can add a new dynamic parameter by clicking on the appropriate icon and choosing the parameter you’d like to use. You can also associate default value to such parameters which will be shown in case Personyze does not have value for such parameters. In case you do not want to show the dynamic parameter in cases where there is no value in it, make sure the default value is empty.


Note: custom fields of the format custom_i_1 ,  custom_i_2 etc, can be used to store numbers, where custom fields of the format custom_t_1 ,  custom_t_2 etc, can be used to store text strings. Please also note that the field “custom_i_1” is used internally by Personyze to store the id of the action from which data arrived.

2) Insert template
Allows you to select HTML templates.

3) Close text for Pop-up action:
Used only in Pop-up actions. It enables closing the pop-up. You can add  text/image.


4) Don’t show me again:
Adds a code to an action that will allow a visitor to choose not to see the action again. You can configure how many sessions the action will not be shown to the visitor. The default is 1 session – meaning the action will not be shown to visitors during the current session in which they clicked on the “Don’t show me again” text/image. Note: Personyze stores the visitor selection in a cookie file. In case you enable the “Don’t show me again” functionality and then wish to continue to see the action, you will need to first clear your cookies.

[dontshowagain:3]Dont show me again[/dontshowagain]