To use the redirect action in a Personyze campaign, use the following path:

Create New Campaign > Add Actions > Redirect to URL

1.  Once in the Redirect to URL widget, you’ll be prompted to enter the URL you wish to redirect to:

redirect url personalization

2.  You also have the option to modify parts of the current URL, rather than redirecting to a totally new URL.

3.  The audience parameters you set in Step 1 of the campaign will determine the circumstances in which someone is redirected to the URL, such as from what page, and/or when X, Y, Z has occurred.

4.  Additional settings include many events the action can trigger when shown/executed.

5.  Alerts are another additional option, which can be executed via email, webhook, or enable/disable action audience.

6.  Choose whether to associate the action with a given page group, as well as when to stop showing it.

7.  Name the action, and click Save.