At the bottom of every Personalization Action there is an ‘Alert’ feature. Unlike Personyze’s Segmentation Engine( which zero’s in on different visitor characteristics to), this feature sets Personyze to trigger alerts based on real-time campaign and website statistical data( such as:  high bounce rate, low CTR or Conversion rate, impression counts, or a custom website conditions). Once triggered, these alerts can:

  1. Send emails alerting that an action is underperforming,

  2. Automatically deactivate that action or audience when the visitor matches some audience( custom conditions are met).

  3. Or influence 3rd party apps via Webhook actions based on campaign performance.


To set up an Alert:

  1. Click in the blue “+Alert” button.

  2. Step One: Define the Alert Conditions:

    1. Select a relevant condition metric( for example CTR, Bounce Rate, Impressions, custom Conversion Rate, etc ).

    2. Select the scope of website activity this metric is to be monitored with regard to( this action, this audience, other audience, OR entire website).

    3. Define the metric condition( for example:  for example Bounce Rate >= 65%).

    4. Optional:  Checking the ‘Advanced’ checkbox will enable you to define a custom time frame or traffic volume for this alert.

    5. Optional:  Clicking on the green ‘+’ symbol will enable you to specify more than one condition for this alert( using the above described process), and organize multiple conditions with parentheses.

    6. Click on the blue ‘Next Step’ Button.

  3. Step Two: What to do when Conditions are Met:

    1. Click on “Enable or disable an audience or action” button to activate/deactivate this( or any other) audience or action.

    2. Click on “Send Email” to schedule an email notifying the right person of campaign performance.

    3. Click “Execute Webhook Action” to set up a Webhook Action that passes data to a 3rd party application capable of “catching” that Webhook( such as Zapier, SalesForce, Mailchimp, etc.) and using it to apply changes in campaigns run by other applications.