Provide access to your account to other users

Grant additional users with access to your Personyze account and determine if such new users will be able to only view statistics or also edit Segments and Actions. Follow these steps to grant additional users with access to your Personyze account.

Step by step guide:

  1. Go to your “Account users management” page (you must be logged in to Personyze):
    2.      Go to your “Assistants” page:
    3.      Click on “Add a new assistant”

    4.      Select what type of assistant/user you want to create. By default new users will have full privilege and have access to all parts of the Personyze platform. If you need to create a “view only” user, simple select the checkbox next to “Only Dashboard” to limit the user from being able to access other parts of the Personyze platform other than the dashboard. (It is important to note that you can create customized dashboard to different users in the system)